Market Value

By choosing to sell your items at auction, you will get the full market value for your items on that day in that location, rather than a negotiated down price.  Auctions create an urgency to buy that is not found elsewhere.


Live and Online Auctions

Denotter Auctions offers both Live and Online options to bid, which makes it convenient for bidders and maximizes the profit for the sellers.  Bidders are also welcome to call us with their bids or stop by in person to leave absentee bids.  


Auctions Are the Only Place Where Prices are Negotiated Up Rather Than Down

Prices are negotiated up at auctions rather than down.  This is unique to auctions.  Competitive bidding often brings higher prices for items.


Extensive Marketing

Denotter Auctions will maximize the exposure of your items with extensive marketing appropriate to the sale.  We routinely advertise on many websites that have worldwide exposure.  We also do print ads when it's appropriate.


Live Auctions Are Fun Events

Going to a live auction is a fun activity. Often collectors like to meet other collectors and share stories.  Auctions provide a means for people to get out and meet others who are like minded.



Bidders Are Prepared to Buy

People who attend auctions are generally very motivated to buy.  Auctions provide a fun and competitive way for people who wish to make a purchase to compete against each other to get the items that they came to buy.  Auctions provide buyers a fair way to buy and sellers a way to offer their items to multiple people.



Everyone Has a Fair, Equal Chance to Buy Items

Everyone who attends an auction at Denotter Auctions has a fair and equal chance to bid on and purchase the items that they would like.  Bidders appreciate their own judgement as prices are not set.



Date and Time of the Sale Are Set

Unlike many other methods of selling, for an auction the date and time of the sale are set by the seller.  This creates an urgency for the buyers and allows the sellers to get paid promptly.




For More Information:

If you would like to know more about auctions or to schedule a preview of our next auction, or if you would like to consign with us, whether it’s one item or an entire house full, give us a call at 224-392-3101 or you can send us an email by using the button below.